Resource Professionals Group

What We Do


Resource Professionals Group (RPG) offers technical expertise to solve project planning problems before they start by matching the resources you already have with your needs for more energy at lower cost. That takes research, planning and practical experience. We research the details of your project and advise you in the best approach to a renewable energy system installation. Our consulting service helps clients see more potential in the "green" movement as users or suppliers of clean, renewable energy including forest biomass.

We back field forestry and clean energy experience with an international research and technology transfer. Since we sell no equipment, we are not constrained by a product line. Our field energy work history led us to lead international research and technology transfer projects.

We can help answer questions like these:
Building Owners, Designers and Contractors

  • How can we apply for biomass energy grants when ASHRAE doesn’t cover that technology?
  • Is one technology a better fit for heat and cooling applications? solar ...geothermal ...biomass
  • How do I size equipment? ... pick a designer? ...a contractor? ...a biomass fuel supplier?
  • What regulations apply?
  • Do I need back up? Where do I find fuel? Who guarantees service?
Foresters, Loggers and Land Owners
  • We put an improvement sale up for bid twice with no takers. How can we do better?
  • If biomass energy really is a good market, why can’t we make money in it?
  • How can we sell biomass fuel without killing our normal pulp and board businesses?