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Updated February 5, 2019      
                        EuroBioFor 2019            
Registrant duties
Included and Professions
European Advances in Biothermal Energy with Value to Forest Improvement
  Group travel to see world class renewable heat applications    
An evaluation:  How and why wood fueled heat applications
in buildings and industrial process can be a win
 for sustainable design and forest health

                                             Co-sponsors include     
            University of Maryland Extension       Duke University Nicholas School 
Biomass Energy Resource Center
Biomass Thermal Energy Council                              Mid-Atlantic Biomass Energy Council

Leadership Team:
Dan Richter, Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment
Jonathan Kays, University of Maryland Extension
Chris Gaul, ME and leading biothermal system manager-operator
Dan Rider, Stewardship Manager, Maryland DNR Forest Service
John Karakash, Resource Professionals Group LLC - trip organizer

Read quotes from two 2008 travelers -why they're "Revisiting Austria" as co-sponsors:


How can Americans apply sustainable energy and forestry methods that already are working in Austria?

Wood chips and pellets offer sustainable heat for industrial processes and comfort / service hot water building loads.  EBF19 brings together energy design and forest management/fuel source experts to see the progress and factors that make the difference for themselves.    
            • technical
            • economic,
            • regulatory and
            • policy

    Packaged combined heat and     power (CHP) system fueled by     wood pellets.  Monitoring and     control panels mounted on side     of unit.  
Monday Mar. 4 site visit
Fuel wood stacked at roadside for pickup and chipping

Itinerary by Day
(dates updated) - Thanks Chris! UpdatedItinerary


Wood heating systems are an affordable renewable heat

technology, yet property managers, developers and facility design

engineers say they need more first hand knowledge.   AND

The forestry and wood products sector will see the stability of

economic and community value that is the result of building local

demand for chipped wood heating fuel as a market.


        2008 trip participants hear from

        Austrian Energy Agency -  

        Agricultural Chamber and US

        Embassy / USDA about value

        opportunities using wood for

        renewable heat. 


Trip experiences highlight business methods and equipment that solved rejection-causing problems in Austria and can do the same for the U.S. energy market

Most engineers and foresters
need to see the systems and practices in use before realizing  how well they can performAt that point the value of heat supply contracting businesses which can spring out of the technology can become evident. 

can help
                                                      these people

What is included? 
  • Participation with group at scheduled EBF 2019  events,
  • Leadership and advance preparation.
  • Ground transportation with group
  • Admission to European Pellet Conference and other World Sustainable Energy Days programming, including access to the MESSE trade show event,  Check this link: 
  • Scheduled reception and events including food as listed for WSED or detailed in EBF19 agenda,
  • Summarized report of activities and results of group evaluation discussions.

Registrant responsibilities

  • Register for EBF19 including payment of fees and receipt of confirmation,
  • Confirm lodging reservation with hotel and Notify leadership team of arrival date,
  • Secure and bring all required travel documents including passport,
  • Travel arrangements and costs to group meeting base at Hotel Alexandra, Wels, Upper Austria and return home from hotel in Nϋrnberg, Germany,
  • Lodging, food and personal item costs other than specified above.  (Room blocks are reserved at group rates, which include breakfast), 
  • Emergency contact data for leadership team as required,
  • Travel insurance (recommended),
  • Cost of self directed personal travel for activities outside the group registration agenda.

What to expect as a professional

  • Surprise at the strength of the Austrian biomass heating industry and potential in the U.S.,

  • Business opportunities helping U.S. firms increase competitivness, sustainability and resilience,

  • Exposure to friendly, technically detail oriented people, deep cultural history and natural beauty,
  • Direct answers to questions and solutions for known problems with wood heat installations, capital cost, labor involvement and similar "true-barriers" to installation,
  • An open door to collaboration with fellow registrants, trip leaders and host cooperating experts, 
  • Travel companions with similar questions, interests and willingness to build on the experience,
  • Greater confidence in methods to sell more, build faster, reduce capital cost, commission successfully the first time, and operate over time with the available fuel products,
  • A positive experience in work travel that will be worth remembering and applying throughout your career.

Conference calls for Q/A- 
If you could be interested and have a question, we will be pleased to help. A call-in line will be open on a                             schedule, updated on the trip website.

 Monday and Wednesdays throughout January   February 6:  

                                                                              Morning:  9:00 AM  to 9:30 AM
                                                  Afternoon:       4:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Thursday, February 7: Final Conference Call Before Trip: 

                                                            Morning:  9:00 AM  to 9:30 AM


                                                                  Call in Number:                    +1 712-770-8094                                                                                                    Access Code to EBF19 Q/A:              308306

    Invitation for and about trip on Video: 
  • Wood Chips for Renewable Heat,  CHP Helps Forests in Austria and Germany:

  • Cost Savings with Renewable Wood Heat Justifies Travel to get First Hand Info
How investing time and money to catch up on wood heat technology will help heating designers increase facility sustainability and reduce clients’ energy expense.  

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