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European Advances in Biothermal Energy with  Va
lue to Forest Improvement                  
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                Thoughts about the 2008 Experience  

Group Take-aways           From past participants  Jonathan Kays  and   Dan Richter.
                    See photo collage of  two days  from 2008 trip.

"I participated in the June 2008 trip to Austria as an extension forester  interested in wood energy development in Maryland but lacking a lot of practical knowledge.

"I returned invigorated with first-hand knowledge and it motivated me to organize a group of like-minded individuals from state agencies, industry, and nonprofits.
" Jonathan during review

"The Maryland Wood Energy Coalition was born in 2010 and since that time managed through educational programs, tours, and meetings to change Maryland regulations to allow the use of wood as a commercial fuel, implement on ongoing residential wood energy program, and much more.

"It was a pivotal experience for me and others in 2008 and it can be for you in 2019."     

     Jonathan Kays, Forestry Extension Specialist, University of Maryland Extension
Cosponsor participant for EUROBIOFOR 2019

Sustainable forestry
Dan inspects
                            and Foresters together
Chuck's idea

The 2008 group visited
energy facilities fueled with low grade wood and managed forests the wood came from.  They learned through meetings and presentations with Austrian people doing that work.

Then, the full team went through what they'd seen and heard. How had
Austria met heat and cooling needs through better forestry?  Which of their methods and systems could be used in the U.S.?

truck on
                            and Dan
Interactive moment - Kasimir Nemestothy and Dan Richter during Simmering program 
 Above the

"I am really excited about revisiting Austrian wood energy systems from small to large a decade after our incredible 2007 tour, that resulted in our Science piece called, 'Wood Energy in America.'"
Dan Richter, Professor of Soils and Forest Ecology, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.
Cosponsor participant for EUROBIOFOR 2019
Paraphrased from other comments Dan's made:     
I'd liked the concept be
fore we left for Austria, but meeting the Dan inspectsAustrians, seeing their achievements in person and hearing the reactions of my fellow travelers gave reason to believe these technologies truly can be an effective forest improvement tool in the U.S.

My "trip report" turned into much more, when Science published "Wood Energy in America." I was lead author, with four trip comrades and Austrian host Kasimir Nemestothy collaborating.  After the article came out, I was invited as a panelist for the 2009 Congressional Briefing 
"Heating and Cooling with Sustainable Biomass Energy" Dan and Tony at revieworganized by the  Environmental and Energy Study Institute. 

Since then, I've been disappointed by lack of interest among Am
ericans to apply a scientific combination which has such a beneficial potential in forest protection and climate change mitigation.  This "Austria Revisited" 2019 excursion  will give us a chance to move things forward again. 


                              Mr. Quentin Gray
Quintin Gray, Agricultural Counselor, USDA Foreign Agriculture Service  at US Embassy, Vienna Austria
project timing

Project development timelines.
loader keys
Chuck Ray Jonathan Kays (right) listen to Austrian Federal Forestry Corp. and WienEnergy project hosts.
2-way dialog with Lew McCreery USDA
Lew McCreery with USDA's Forest Service at presentation during visit to WienEnergy co-generation project 
Program review over lunch at
Program review over lunch at Simmering co-generation facility.

After a week of discovery, what did we think?


From the Last Two Days 
Austrian hosts, presentations, lunch and tour of the WienEnergy co-gen plant in Vienna's  Simmering district.
      and then,
The in-hotel closing review. Time looking back over the week.  Building a
collective list of take-away concepts (38). And speaking of memories that would would last without being written down.      

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