Resource Professionals Group

Resource Professionals Group advises professionals working in sustainable energy and resource protection in business, design and engineering, industry, real estate and government. We can suggest ways to reduce cost, improve energy security, and stimulate opportunity. RPG's focus is on real projects that will, as needed later, contribute to distributed generation and the expanded smart grid networks in ways that also support clean transportation. That statement will raise questions and we hope you will ask them.

machine We can help you and your organization build on the inherent, positive connections that exist between people and the natural world. It is possible to capture value from those synergies to supply low-cost, clean energy using natural resources in ways that improve the environment. Doing so stimulates new business opportunities and jobs, some in managed forests and others in renewable fuels.

Our services are appropriate for:

Why start with people?

Technology is a tool, not an end in itself. People, not equipment make decisions; they can see and act on the need to make improvements or lower costs. RPG's goal is to help people find individualized solutions for unique situations. Your objective may be to save energy and money or find ways to sell pole timber or chips from forest stand improvement. We can help.

The Right Balance

Our clients can save money by integrating renewable resource technologies with conventional energy systems and proven efficiency practices. They require less natural gas, oil and electricity to heat and cool buildings or maintain thermal processes; loads that together consume more oil and natural gas than either electricity generation or transportation sectors, and are more easily managed. In some cases, solar fits best; at other times advanced wood combustion equipment offers greater renewable energy capacity for a smaller investment. Whether your interest is in solar, wind, geothermal or biomass, RPG can help you find the right solution for your situation.

It works!

Across the country there are schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations and more using alternative energy saving you and your neighbors money in taxes. Industries can become more competitive by using renewable fuel for process heat. Why is it not happening in your community?

College of the Atlantic
Colgate University
Central Michigan University
University of Idaho at Moscow
SUNY ESF to Use $963,000 State Grant on CHP System

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